Frequently Asked Questions

Will they answer when I call?
Yes. We guarantee that your call will either be answered immediately, by one of the owners, or returned by 5:00pm for daytime calls and by 9:00 am the following morning if the call was placed after business hours. In most instances we provide our customers with our cell phone numbers, so we can be reached at anytime.

Will my project begin and be completed on time?
Yes. When you hire us, we will provide you with an approximate start date as well as a time frame for completion of the project. In many instances, during a remodel for example, there will be other contractors working on the project, which may cause minor delays. We believe in constant communication, which makes the completion process much smoother.

Can you provide proof of licenses and insurances?
Yes. We always have proof of insurance on our person, as well as all of our licenses, and are happy to provide them to any prospective client at anytime. In fact, we even provide it here on our website to make it that much easier for our customers. Click here for proof of insurance. We are a licensed Master Electrical Contractor in MA, RI and NH, are OSHA certified and are a EPA certified lead renovator.

Will there be hidden charges from the original quote?
No. We will review your job with you, in person and provide you with a comprehensive quote for your project. If there are any changes made along the way, perhaps you want to add an additional item that we had not previously discussed, a written change order will be drafted, for your review before anything goes further. That way we can ensure that both the customer and we, the contractor are on the same page. If no change order is made, we stand by the price we originally quoted for the job.

Is it going to be difficult living in a home under construction?
YES! Living in a construction area can be quite stressful, however updating, remodeling or expanding your home is well worth the investment! We strive to make it as least stressful as possible. We contain our work, tools, and supplies to one area and are sure to be cautious of any children or animals in the home and keep them clear from any hazards.

Will they be neat and clean?
Yes. Many times we tell our customers that we will leave the home cleaner than we found it! We always use drop cloths on all areas that we are working in, are sure to contain all wire clippings and keep all supplies and tools contained to the area in which we are working, and vacuum any dustings that may fall from cutting of sheetrock or ceiling, while we are working. After the project is complete, we do another thorough inspection of the property to ensure that nothing is left behind and we take our mess with us!

Will they be courteous and respectful in my home and around my children?
Always. We operate with integrity and the up most professionalism on any job site, regardless of the condition or who is present in the home. We are a family based company, have small children of our own and always extend the same courtesy that we would expect a guest to extend in our home. You will never have to worry when we are on the job!

Can you provide references?
Yes. We have maintained a 97% satisfaction rate for over 20 years in business. We can provide both residential and commercial references, as well as contractor and supplier references, upon request.

Will they overcharge me?
No. When you hire Corrao Electric you can be assured that you are getting the best value for your investment. You will always find someone cheaper if you look hard enough. If you find someone out there doing it for less than us, then they are not giving you the same job; they are leaving something out or cutting corners somewhere, which means they are not giving you the job you asked for.  When you hire us, in the end your project you will be receiving the exact job you were hoping for.

Do they have the experience necessary to do my kind of job?
Yes. Our licensed Master Electrician has over 20 years of experience in the business ranging from residential to commercial and industrial projects. We specialize in wiring for Residential RemodelingElectrical Panel, all facets of Service Work and Generator Installations.


Can I do my own electrical work?
Legally, yes.  However when you weigh the risks of doing it yourself to the benefits of hiring a licensed professional to do the work, there answer becomes quite clear.  When you are considering any electrical work, whether it is as small as installing a fixture or as large as tackling wiring for a basement family room it is always best to have a professional do the work.


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