Has your home turned into your new office and classroom combined? PHEW, I’m not alone! 

Residential electrical demands have significantly increased over the past year. With so many of us working from home and/or remote learning on a daily basis, we now find ourselves needing additional electronics, equipment, and power to keep us working efficiently. However, not everyone has a dedicated office space in their home to meet those needs, and accommodate everyone in the household.

Fortunately, there are a few simple, and essential, electrical solutions that can help us power through (haha- get what I did right there?) and keep up working efficiently and without disruption!

Additional outlets

With people working (and maybe even schooling) from home, there may not be enough outlets and USB ports available to keep everyone plugged in. Sometimes (most times actually) plugging too many electronics/equipment into a power strip or extension cord doesn’t quite cut it. In fact, this can actually end up damaging equipment in the long run. 

A simple way to solve this problem is to install extra outlets, especially in the areas that are being utilized as a work space. Outlets with surge protection, and even USB charging ports in the walls, provide an easy, convenient way to charge all of our devices without trying to find the nearest charger. Having an outlet on each wall offers the flexibility to move around or rearrange equipment, and accommodate everyone working at the same time. Installing outlets is the most cost effective measure to keeping everyone in the home plugged in. 

Dedicated Circuits for Electronics

Several computers running at once during the day, can sometimes create power problems in our home’s electrical system. The electrical circuits that supply energy to existing outlets may simply not have enough power. This can create power failure, and in some cases it can even cause electronics and equipment to fail, as well. 

Installing dedicated circuits, and adding outlets in different areas, can help balance energy use and provide the power necessary to keep our equipment running efficiently. 

Surge protection

Our home’s electrical system calls the shots when it comes to how much power we have in the house. Sudden power surges, which can be created by weather, spikes from the power grid, or too much strain on the system, can not only cause power disruption, but can also damage the electronics and equipment we need to keep to keep us up and running. 

Installing whole-house surge protection directly to the electrical panel, as well as into new outlets in our home working spaces, can protect the equipment and other electronics and appliances in our homes, as well. 

Often times, installing new outlets, dedicated circuits and surge protection will meet the demands for working and learning from home. However, some homes electrical needs are more significant, and may require an electrical service upgrade. 

If you are finding yourself scrambling for outlets, or frustrated that you don’t have enough power to accommodate your home’s needs, give us a call. We can help you determine what options will best serve you to keep you working and studying at home, for the foreseeable future. 


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