Have you ever wished that there was another way to hook up your USB powered devices, without having to use your computer as the power source? Well now there is! There is a new product on the market called U-sockets or USB outlets. Continue reading to find our more information on this new piece of technology...

A u-socket or USB outlets is essentially a duplex receptacle that has built in USB ports. These ports can provide power to any device requiring a charge via USB, such as an iPhone/iPod, mobile phone, e-readers or video games. These USB ports are located directly on an outlet that is built into the wall. Having these outlets installed eliminates having the clutter of AC adaptors because they can replace your traditional 3-prong outlets.

These outlets must be installed by a licensed electrician. To find out more information about these new outlets, we recommend that our customers visit Bristol County Electrical. Their extremely knowledgeable staff will be able to help you with any questions you may have, and sell you the outlets at a great price!

As always, you can call your favorite local electrician for more information as well!

Remember: Cheap Electrical work Causes Fires...Always Hire a Licensed Electrician!

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