Good news about both Generac and GE generators...the wait is over! They are back in stock and ready for installation.

All the nasty weather that knocked out power in the surrounding areas late last year, had generators flying off the shelves. The manufacturers could hardly keep up with the demand and the average wait time to get a generator was about 10 weeks! Both GE and Generac have finally caught up and the units are ready to go. While the weather may have changed, the demand for generators has not. Who could forget being without power for over a week this past fall, and the failure of the power companies to get it back on in a reasonable time? The residents in the Bristol County area sure haven't forgotten and don't want to be caught without power again when the next natural disaster arises.

Generators are a great option to protect the homeowner against power loss in the event of a storm, power surge or natural disaster. And now, there is a wide range of options available, which has made owning a generator more affordable than ever.

To learn more about generators or generator financing options, give us a call today at 508.884.3003. We are always happy to help and consultations are always free!

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