One of the top complaints we hear from our customers regarding contractors coming into their home is that they leave their home a mess!  We understand this is a concern when hiring an electrician, and have always taken great care to be neat and clean both while we are working and when we are done.  In fact, we tell our customers that we will leave the area cleaner than we found it!  When we come into your home to work, you will see us laying down drop cloths, wearing booties and sweeping and vacuuming the the area when we are finished.  

One of our customers, who recently underwent a large renovation in their business, emailed me a picture of our guys sweeping, not only the area they were working in, but the entire store!  They were so pleased that we took the time to clean up after ourselves and mentioned that we were the only contractor on the job who was courteous enough to do so.

This is the kind of service you get when you hire Corrao Electric to handle your electrical needs.  Not only are we skilled professionals in the electrical trade, but as luck would have it, we are also pretty darn good cleaners as well!  We understand that working in someone's home is not just about installing a light or running some wire, but it is also about being courteous and respectful to their home while we are in it.  

If you or someone you know could use an electrician that provides that level of service, please give us a call today!

Kenny Corrao, Owner
Corrao Electric Co., Inc.

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