So you are interested in having a pool installed, but you don't know where to begin.  There is not just the actual pool to think about, but also the other components as well.  Such as the landscaping, the fencing, and yes, the electrical work.  You may think that drowning is the only safety concern with swimming pools, when in fact, faulty electrical wiring can be just as dangerous.  Continue reading to learn how hiring the right electrician when installing your pool can keep you and your family safe and swimming for years to come.

Why do I need an Electrician?

First of all, pools, weather and electricity have NEVER been the best of friends!  Anytime you have an area that is subject to bearing the brunt of what mother nature may dish out, that requires electricity to function (i.e. swimming pool pumps, outlets, lighting, etc.) you need to be sure that proper devices are being installed.  That being said, let's talk more about what you will need an electrician to handle for your pool installation.

First and foremost, you will need an electrician to install a sub-panel in an area near the pool, usually a pool house or small shed. This is a smaller version of the electrical panel on your home, that will house the power for all the electrical components in and around the pool area.  

Secondly, and more importantly, you will need an electrician for the grounding and bonding of the swimming pool.  Having a licensed and experienced professional electrician handling this is critical in creating a safe swimming environment.  A pool must be properly grounded to ensure that an electrical charge (be from lightning or exposed electrical hazard) doesn't pose a danger for those using the pool.  

And finally there are the smaller, yet still important electrical components that you will need an electrician to handle to complete the installation.  The wiring for the pump motor, underwater light, GFCI outlet on pool house and pool heater or timer clocks, should you choose to use them.  There is also landscape lighting and speaker wiring to consider as well.  

Hiring the right electrician up front can help you not only make sure that the pool you are having installed will be safe for you and your family to enjoy, but they can also help make your decisions on timer clocks, landscape lighting and outdoor speakers, to create the outside oasis you have been dreaming of.  This is where experience matters!

If you or someone you know is interested in installing a swimming pool, please give us a call today.  Consultations are always free and and we are happy to help.  Don't leave your decisions to an inexperienced person who could potentially put your family in danger.  Call your local electrician, Corrao Electric, "The Area's Dependable Electrical Profesionals!"

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