mini-split-blogHave you ever wished for a simple way to make just one room in your home the perfect temperature without the costly expense and hassle of full-scale ductwork? You're in good company. As we're spending more time at home, transforming every nook into something new—be it a sleek home office, a vibrant gym, a cozy media room, or even personalized retreats like man caves and she sheds—we're reimagining our spaces. But oftentimes, these new sanctuaries weren't designed with climate control in mind. That's where mini-split systems shine: they bring efficient, adaptable, and quiet heating and cooling to the table. Ready to learn more about mini-splits? Let's answer some common questions and learn why they're quickly becoming the go-to solution for our evolving living spaces.


What are mini splits?

Mini-split systems, also known as ductless heating and cooling systems, offer a streamlined approach to temperature control. Unlike traditional HVAC systems that require extensive ductwork, mini-splits consist of an outdoor compressor unit and one or more indoor air-handling units, connected by a small conduit. This setup not only makes them energy-efficient but also allows for easy and flexible installation, making them ideal for any room or space in your home.

What types of rooms do ductless systems work best for?

Ductless mini-split systems are versatile and can be an excellent fit for a variety of rooms and installations. Here are some scenarios where they work best:

Room Additions: 

For new additions, such as sunrooms, garages converted into living spaces, or attic conversions, mini-split systems provide an efficient way to control the temperature without extending the existing HVAC system.

Older Homes: 

Charming and historic, New England homes are treasures with their unique character and stories. But let's be honest—many were built when "climate control" meant opening a window. Mini-splits can offer efficient heating and cooling alternatives without disturbing your home's classic beauty.

Zoned heating and cooling needs:

Have that one room that always seems to be too hot or too cold? Mini-splits allow for precise control over each area's climate, ensuring personalized comfort and energy efficiency.

Offices and Commercial Spaces: 

Commercial buildings are often reconfigured to suit the occupant, and each area has varying temperature needs throughout the day. For these challenging spaces, Mini-splits are an efficient solution that offers a lot of flexibility for comfortable temperature control.


Are Mini-Split Systems Loud?

There are two parts to a mini split system: The indoor units are designed to operate quietly. This range is comparable to the sound of a whisper or soft library ambiance, making them ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and other quiet spaces. The outdoor units are typically louder than the indoor units but are still designed to be less noisy than traditional outdoor HVAC units.


Is it cheaper to install a Mini split rather than extend existing ductwork? 

It depends. Ductless Installations can often be cheaper than installing new ductwork or reconfiguring existing duct systems for a few reasons:


Less Invasive:

 Mini-splits require minimal structural changes to your home, avoiding the need for extensive ductwork installation that can be both disruptive and costly.

Direct Heating and Cooling: 

Because mini-splits deliver air directly into each room or zone, they avoid the energy losses often associated with ducted systems, particularly if the ductwork is in an unconditioned space like an attic or basement.


You can install mini-splits in just the areas needed, which can be more cost-effective than upgrading or extending a whole-house ducted system.

Energy Efficiency: 

Mini-splits are typically more energy-efficient than traditional forced-air systems, leading to lower operating costs over time.


How can I find out if a mini-split system is right for me?

For a thorough assessment and to ensure that a mini-split system is the best choice for your needs, consider scheduling a consultation with a professional. Corrao Electric, now proudly offering mini-split installation services, can provide you with expert advice tailored to your specific situation. Our team will help you understand the benefits, evaluate your space, and determine the most efficient and effective solution for your heating and cooling requirements. 


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