LocalElectricianDid you hire an electrician you have used before only to find out they have been acquired by a bigger company? This is a common trend where larger corporations acquire smaller, local service companies (trash disposal companies come to mind for those of you in the Taunton area), including in the electrical sector. 

Why is this happening? While the pandemic made business difficult for many sectors, investors began becoming aware that the residential service industry was always going to be needed and they started backing companies that sought to buy up smaller service companies to make a one-stop superstore of services. 

While these conglomerates continue to employ local electricians, plumbers, and HVAC specialists, the essence of personalized, high-quality service often gets lost in the scale of their operations- leaving their customers frustrated. Here’s why Corrao Electric remains a preferred choice for those who value consistency and a personal touch.

Consistent Quality: The Corrao Electric Promise

Corrao Electric stands for consistent quality in every job we undertake. While larger companies might struggle to maintain uniform service standards due to their vast size, our dedicated team ensures that every project meets our high-quality benchmark. We focus on delivering dependable and expert service, drawing on our deep local experience and commitment to excellence.

Personalized Service: Understanding Your Unique Needs

The growth of large corporations in the electrical industry has led to a more impersonal approach to customer service. In contrast, Corrao Electric cherishes the personal connections we have with our clients. We take the time to understand your individual needs and preferences, ensuring that the solutions we provide are perfectly tailored to your situation. This personal attention to detail is what sets us apart from the impersonal nature of conglomerate services.

Transparent and Fair Pricing

Transparency is key at Corrao Electric. We provide clear, upfront pricing without the hidden fees often associated with large corporations. Our customers appreciate the honesty and straightforwardness in our billing, fostering trust and long-term relationships.

Rooted in the Community

Our commitment to the community goes beyond providing electrical services. Corrao Electric is an integral part of the local fabric, actively contributing to and participating in community initiatives. This local focus enriches our service, ensuring that we are always attuned to the specific needs and standards of our community.


Direct Communication and Quick Resolution

Efficient problem-solving and direct communication are hallmarks of our service. Unlike larger entities where customer concerns might be seen to the “customer service team” and lost in layers of bureaucracy, our clients have direct access to us! We are a family business. When you call Corrao Electric, you will be speaking directly to Ken or Jillian Corrao, and we want to make sure our customers and neighbors are completely satisfied with the service we provide. This leads to faster and more effective resolutions!


Choose quality and support local business

The landscape of the electrical service industry is changing, with larger corporations absorbing local businesses. However, the need for consistent quality, personalized service, and community commitment remains paramount. Corrao Electric embodies these values, providing a superior alternative to the impersonal and inconsistent experience often found in large conglomerates. Choosing Corrao Electric means opting for a partner that not only understands your electrical needs but also values your personal experience and community well-being.


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