LED lighting is the wave of the future. These bulbs are more energy efficient, give off a more natural light and they last for an estimated 30 years in comparison to it's soon-to-be ancient counterpart, the incandescent bulb. They are also an upgrade from the compact florescent bulbs which hit the market a few years back, in that these bulbs offer a more natural light as well, and they do not contain the toxic mercury vapor that the CFL's contain.

The question is, how much are you willing to pay for these bulbs? On Earth Day, Home Depot will be launching a new Phillips LED bulb that will cost consumers $60! You read me right folks, sixty big ones, for a light bulb! Sounds ludicrous right? But wait, there is good news. Phillips will be discounting the new product to $50 and is working with the government and utility companies to bring the cost down to somewhere between $20-$35 per bulb. Now this may sound like a huge investment, but when you consider that this bulb is expected to last somewhere in the range of 30,000 hours compared to an incandescent lasting 750 hours, there really is no difference in spending. You would need to replace an incandescent bulb nearly 40 times to every 1 LED bulb. So up front, it sounds like a pretty hefty price tag, but in the long run, it is projected to save us money. These bulbs are also much more energy efficient, which will help reduce a home's overall energy output, saving money on utility costs. These savings happen overtime, and the more energy efficient bulbs and appliances ones uses, the greater savings they will see.

Now I am not saying that we should all run to the big box store on Sunday to stock up on these over-priced lamps, but what I am saying is this: keep an open mind. We are living in a world where energy conservation has become a top of mind subject matter and technology is advancing rapidly. Maybe one day we will only have to purchase light bulbs once in a lifetime!

Of course, as I learn more on this hot topic, I will be sure to bring you the latest and greatest on these products and others like it. But for now, I will be using CFL's in my home and turning off lights when and where I can to save on energy!

If you have any questions about this new product, or on how to save energy in your home, please feel free to give us a call at 508.884.3003. Consultations are always free and we are glad to help!

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