Do you have a generator at your home that requires service? Does the vendor who installed it not provide service, or do you not know who the installer was? Have no fear, your favorite local electrician can handle all your generator needs, from soup to nuts. Servicing your generator at certain points throughout the year is critical to ensure proper functioning of the unit when you need it. Continue reading to learn more...

A generator is the kind of thing you don't want to use, unless you have to. And when you need it to better! While these units are quite reliable and useful in the event of a power outage, they do require some maintenance to make sure that they operate properly when duty calls. There are several critical points in time that the generator requires service, and this is something that the installer should be reviewing with the customer at the time of installation. If nothing else, an annual service and check-up is highly recommended.

When we at Corrao Electric install a generator, we not only supply and install the unit, but we also take the time to walk our customer through the process of how it works, step by step. We provide them with a maintenance schedule and we take care of all the maintenance in house as well! Most other companies have separate parties who supply the unit, another to install and another to service. When you hire Corrao Electric for your generator purchase, you are getting one stop shopping, and the comfort of knowing that you are dealing with a licensed, insured and experienced local electrician!.

If you have any questions on the different kinds of generators whether it be for installation or service, give us a call. Consultations are always free, and we are more than happy to help.

And remember- Cheap Electrical Work Causes Fires! ALWAYS hire a licensed electrician!

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