Stay safe and save a few dollars this holiday season, while still enjoying all the beauty that holiday lighting has to offer. Read on to see a few tips on how to do just that.

1. Unplugging - Be sure that all your decorations are unplugged for a certain portion of the day to ensure that there is no chance of electrical fire, and to cut back on energy costs by not having them plugged in for extensive periods of time.

2. Timers - Timers can be a useful tool to eliminate the need for the constant unplugging of lighting and gadgets, etc. Some sets even come with built in timers, others can be set up on separate timer adapters.

3. Avoid Overload - It is a good idea to not overload any outlet or powerstrip with too many devices. Having too many running at one time off the same circuit can trip breakers, cause power outages and even electrical fires in some cases.

If you would like more information on electrical safety during the holidays, please feel free to visit us on Facebook for our weekly tips or give us a call. Stay safe, enjoy the season!

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