Corrao Electric is a Certified Dealer, Installer and Service Technician for two of the most trusted names in generators.  Generators have become a much more affordable and desirable option for ensuring your power stays on, even when New England weather threatens to shut it down.  Not only are we able to supply and install these units, but we are also capable of servicing the units, on an annual basis (which is recommended) or if a problem arises.  This saves our customer time and money and offers them the convenience of dealing with one vendor throughout the entire process, who guarantees their work and will be there at a moments notice!

There are two types of generators to consider:

Portable Generator: These units are good for occasional power outages when you need power for back-up lighting and small appliances. They are on wheels, require fuel to run and must be kept stored.

Automatic Stand-By Generator: These units are the most convenient and guaranteed means of securing power during an outage, for your entire home. They are permanently installed outside the home, so there is no need for manual connection. They connect to either natural gas line or propane tanks and have an automatic transfer switch to detect power failure and turn the main power supply over to the generator.

Contact us today for more information on generators, or for an installation quote on either of these types of units.

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