The summer months are filled with long hot days, and while we are more likely to spend some time outdoors during this season, energy bills tend to sky rocket.  The obvious culprits for this phenomenon are Air Conditioners and Pool Pumps, particularly in July and August.  There are however some things that we can do to help reduce our energy costs during the summer.  Cutting back unnecessary energy use is an easy way to reduce energy consumption while saving money. Here are 10 simple suggestions of things you can do at home, to help save on energy this summer:

1.  Operate pool filters 4-5 hours a day, and put them on a timer.

2.  Close window shades during the daytime.

3.  Seal air leaks that cause drafts, as they force your cooling system to work harder.

4.  Turn off ceiling fans when you are not in the room - they cool you NOT the house!

5.  Keep air conditioning units within a comfortable temperature range.  The suggested range is 74-78 degrees.

6.  Avoid running appliances during the peak hours of 4pm-6pm.

7.  Take cooler and shorter showers.

8.  Replace A/C filters before the start of each season.

9.  Grill or microwave rather than use the oven or stove during the warmer months.

10.  Shut the A/C off when you are not home.  Put air conditioning units on a timer to turn on an hour before you arrive home.

Energy Saving Investments

Aside from these simple steps, there are also energy saving investments that a homeowner can make to help reduce their energy consumption that will show a savings on their annual energy bills.  Here are a few things that you may want to consider looking into if your energy costs are of concern to you:

1.  Install a whole house fan.

2.  Install an Energy Star rated A/C unit.

3.  Install window shading.

4.  Replace your refrigerator with an Energy Star rated appliance.

5.  Increase attic insulation.

6.  Install Energy Star windows.

7.  Install solar panels.

If you are curious about how much energy you are consuming in your home, you can also have an energy audit performed.  An energy audit will tell you your homes exact energy consumption, and what factors are the highest contributors to it.  For more information about getting an Energy Audit done on your home, contact your local utility provider.

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