Credentials, MA, RI, NH Master License, Certified Generac Installer, EPA Certified Lead Renovator

Credentials: Licenses, Certifications and Insurance

Hiring an electrician is a decision that must be made with care. There are many contractors out there who do not carry the proper credentials, i.e. licenses, insurances, certifications, education and experience necessary to practice in the trade.

At Corrao Electric, you are guaranteed to be working with a professional who is a Licensed Master Electrician in MA, RI and NH, who has undergone years of education to gain these certifications, and continues to do so on an ongoing basis. Education is a big part of our company. Our licensed electricians and apprentices are trained by a MA approved training program, and are OSHA certified.

We carry all the proper General Liability, Property and Casualty and Worker’s Compensation insurances, above what is required. We are a good standing member of the Better Business Bureau, the Massachusetts Electrical Contractors Association, and hold the Vice President’s seat of the local BNI Chapter. We have done work with Old Colony Habitat for Humanity and are an active member of the Tri-Town Chamber of Commerce.

So here we outline for you what should be expected when dealing with a licensed professional electrical contractor:

  • Make sure you are asking whether or not they are licensed, in good standing with the state, and ask for proof.
  • Ask for a current Certificate of Insurance proving that they are covered for General Liability and Workers Compensation.
  • Ask them for References and check them to see if this is the right contractor for you.
  • Are they a part of any local or trade organizations?
  • Do they give back to the community for which they are seeking work in?

Click here for a copy of most current Certificate of Insurance.

Proud members of:

  MECATri-Town Chamber of CommerceNet Force BNI Habitat For Humanity